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Who am I?

My name is Nataliya Piterova (pronounced Pit Err ova with the accent on the Pit) and I see myself firstly as a woman, a mother of three wonderful kids, a wife and finally, as an online entrepreneur and my slogan is to do whatever I can to bring value to the lives of others.

It’s very important for me to contribute as much good as possible and to have a positive impact on those who come into my life or who follow me!

A little more personal information about me 🙂

I was born in 1976 in Kyiv (Kiev) the capital of Ukraine and lived there with my parents until 1978.

I now live with my own family in Krym (Crimea) which is a beautiful spot on the southernmost part of Ukraine on the Black Sea.

Many people from the old USSR do still holiday here. I’ll be happy to send photos to whoever is interested in seeing the beauty of Krym.

You guys from around the world may recall some historic battles such as the Crimean War (1853-56) and the battle of Balaclava (You Brits may recall it as The Charge of the Light Brigade) and more recently the conference in Yalta between Winston Churchill, Franklin Roosevelt and Joseph Stalin. They met to agree how to dissect Europe at the end of the 2nd World war. Most people believe that Stalin was the winner in that cosy little get together….enough politics, I could go on.

When I first started my online business I hadn’t the slightest idea what even a domain was however I learned fast and a few months later I had a ‘shabby’ dating site that I bought on ebay. I was trying to promote it while learning SEO in the process.

I had nobody by my side to guide me in Internet Marketing so I had to research everything by myself and thankfully I got good results in SEO and my shabby dating site popped out on page one in the search engines for the keyword phrase ‘free dating’. I was delighted and that gave me the stimulus to push on. Because of the articles on the site I even became an EzineArticlesExpert Author 🙂 You can see my profile here

To make a long story short I obtained a lot of great experience online in site building, affiliate marketing, list building and blogging and now I know that I’m ready to help and guide you because I want to see you succeed too. That’s very important to me.


Nataliya is one of the most resourceful Internet
Marketers I know.
She’s a wonderful leader and team-player, and was
quickly able to establish herself as a helpful, generous

marketer who looks out for her partners and students..

Todd Gross at http://chromakeyvideos.com


Nataliya has proved herself in the IM business for several
years now and with her experience and help (often
during many unsociable hours) my business is now
many levels higher than when we first met.

Thank you Nataliya!

David Wolfe at www.davidwolfesoloads.com



I have known Nataliya Piterova for several years now,
both professionally and personally. Professionally,
there are not many online marketers of the caliber of Nataliya.
Where many have tried and failed, Nataliya excels.
She is a serious marketer that understands the ins and outs of ALL

areas of email marketing. I have always been impressed with
her knowledge and ‘can do’ attitude. Nothing is too daunting
for Nataliya, she is a tenacious woman that knows how to get things
done,and she does it well.

Professionally and personally, Nataliya is one of the most ethical people
I know. This is extremely rare (and refreshing!) in the online marketing world.
Having worked with Nataliya on several occasions, I’ve noticed the sincere
concern she has had towards delivering value to both her business partners
and her clients.
If you get the chance to learn from, or do business with, Nataliya
I recommend that you take advantage of it!

John Lagoudakis at http://johnlagoudakis.com

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